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The fifth Level (Distinguished)

This level aims to:
- Master the linguistic rules and practically use it and use it.
- Training the student to use the Arabic library, old and contemporary as well as introducing some reference material and train him on utilizing them. All in order to enhance his/her writing style.
- Acquainting the student with certain linguistic functions as well as various literary cases.

Target students:
- Students who achieved high listening skill, acquired fluency in speaking Arabic and are able to read, write.

- Arabic Syntax: An objective study of the Book of Al-Ajrumiyyah, Qatr-ul-Nada, and Alfiyyatuibnu Malik
- Arabic Rhetoric: Al-Balaghatul-Wadihah.
- Constructing advanced literary sentences and distinguishing between direct and figurative speeches (pun, simile, idioms…etc.) while appropriately using bot.
- Student will move from the ability to form and construct sentences to the literary and elegant expression.
- Remaining rules of syntax and morphology will be covered in this level.

At the end of this level, the student is expected:
- To distinguish between different styles of speech and understand the most important characteristics of literary expressions. He/she will have a plethora of thesaurus and expressions with which a complete and proper text can be created then beautified with rhetorical tools.
- Students will master the use of syntax and morphology to construct and rhetoric to enhance and embellish.
- Will be able to easily use Arabic lexicons.

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