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Third Level

Topics covered in this level:
- Ijazat (professional certifications) and Asaneed (chains of narration)

Course Goals and benefits:
- The most noble goal for the student After the Khatm (memorization) of the Koran to be achieved is pursuing an Ijazah with a chain of narration to the prophet S.A.A.W. This is the certification the student would get form his/her shaikh after reciting the whole Quran sin a specific way from beginning to end. The shikah will certify the student and state that he rectied the whol Quran with him from memory observing all advanced rules of Tajweed and recitation. Our shaikhs and instructors at Itqan Academy are among the highest and most renowned scholars in this science internationally. Sh. Abdel Fattah Madkour holds the highest chain of narrators to the prophet S.A.A.W.
- Through this program, the student will be connected to the prophet S.A.A.W after fulfilling the course requirements.

Targeted students are:
- Students who have completed the entire Qur'an and masterfully dedicated it to memory.

At the end of this level, the student is expected to:
- Become eligible and qualified to recite Quran with a recognized certificate. This will help him/her in joining Al-Azhar Al-Sharif and obtain its official certificates.

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