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First Level (Preliminary)

Lessons covered:
- How to write and pronounce letters.
- Similar letters: first: similar in shape
- Second: similar in sound.
- Shapes of letters: first: At the beginning of the word, second: in the middle of the word, and third: at the end of the word.
- Consonants and vowels first: Fataha, Damma, Kasra, and sukoon.
- Al-Mudood: with Alif , waw and Yaa letters.
- Al-Tanween: with Fatha, Damma, and kasrah.
- Tashdeed: with Fatha , Damma and Kasrah.
- Tashdeed with Tanween: with Fatha , Damma and Kasrah .
- Tashdeed with Madd: With Alif , Waw and Yaa letters.
- Pronounced and silent Lamm of Al .
- Open and closed Taa letter.

This level aims to:
- Properly prepare the student linguistically and provide him with the fundamentals of Arabic, through: reading, writing, and language drills.

Target students:
- Students who have not previously studied Arabic language. This is an essential stage to following levels.

- The student begins at this level by learning audiovisual recognition and ends with the basic skill of reading and writing. Emphasis will be made on cognitive comprehension of audio and visual symbols through diversified exercises.

In order to prevent the use of intermediate language at this level and to link mental concepts to concrete reality, we employed the use of expressive drawings in each lesson.

At the end of this level, the student is expected to:
- Acquire the skill of reading and pronouncing Arabic vowels and consonants correctly and to distinguish between similar and proximate sounds and shapes.
- Be able to read words, distinguish between short and long vowels Madd sign, Al-Sekoon sign and Al-shadd sign, and the pronounced and silent.
- Be able to write Arabic letters with a correct and readable font.
- Master the writing of Arabic letters with their various formats and correct word position.
- Possess the knowledge of Arabic spoken and written words and increase his/her basic vocabulary.

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