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Fourth Level

Topics covered in this level:
- Islamic studies (Fiqh, Hadith, sirah, simplified tafsir of some verses and suras).

Course goals and benefits:
- The believer is always eager to seek knowledge, excel in understanding the religion, ponder upon and learn the meaning of the book of Allah, and preserve Sunnah of the Messenger of Allah - peace be upon him - and righteously follow his path. We will help your child with this endeavor.
- Studying the sciences of Sharia’ encourages the student to perform this duties to Allah, glory be to Him. At Itqan Academy we take this seriously and will empower your child to fulfil his/her duties to Allah.
- Its study is also required to know the basis of the Islamic religion. We at Itqan Academy have a team of qualified instructor who are skilled in teaching children.

Targeted students are:
- Children who need to know their religion and have a decent Islamic knowledge.
- Studying Islam at this age is essential to define your child’s religious personality. We at Itqan Academy believe in this message and will help you building a well-balanced and religiously educated character for your child.

- Simplified explanation of selected ahadith (Etiquettes, manners, belief…etc).
- Simplified tafsir of selected surahs.
- Simplified Sirah.
- Basic fiqh of worship.
- Selected books of creed.

At the end of this level, the student is expected to:
- Have a decent knowledge of basic and needed fundamentals of Islam.
- Have a balanced moderate character.
- Able to worship Allah properly and identify himself/herself as a muslim.

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