Arabic Courses

Fourth Level

Topics covered in this level:
- Mastering Al-Qeraa'at (different recitation modules, the individual Rewayiat (narrations) and Sharah Al-Metoon (the explanation of advanced texts).

Course goals and benefits:
- For those who want to recite, have an in-depth study of a recitation and get an ijazah in either all 10 Qira’at (minor and major), we at Itqan Academy provide the best and most qualified Shaikhs in the field with the highest asaneed.
- Offering an in-depth study of the science of advance recitations. This is an honorable feat since it serves the word of Allah as well as help with recognizing the miraculous aspect of Quran.
- The advantage offered by Itqan Academy with this course is paving the way for the student to join Azhar Qira’at institutes.
- Targeted students:
- Students who have completed the entire Qur'an and masterfully dedicated it to memory.

- Matn (the text of) Tohefat Al-Attfal.
- Matn Al-Jazryiah.
- Matn Al-Shatibayah.
- Matn Al-Dorrah.
- Matn Tayyibat al-Nashr.

At the end of this level, the student is expected to:
- Be able to teach the different modules of recitation.

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