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Fifth Level

Topics covered in this level:
- Islamic and Quran sciences.
- Course goals and benefits:
- The believer is always eager to seek knowledge, excel in understanding the religion, ponder upon and learn the meaning of the book of Allah, and preserve Sunnah of the Messenger of Allah - peace be upon him - and righteously follow his path.
- Studying the sciences of Sharia’ encourages the student to perform this duties to Allah, glory be to Him.
- Its study is also required to know the basis of the Islamic religion. We, at Itqan Academy, will provide you with Al-Azhar university graduated Sheikhs and professors.

Targeted students are:
- Students who have completed the entire Qur'an and masterfully dedicated it to memory and those who are eager to have an in-depth study of different branches of knowledge

- Science of Quran.
- Recondite aspects of Quran.
- Exegesis.
- Creed.
- Books of the fundamentals of religion.
- Seraah.
- Hadith (explanation of the forty hadiths of imam Al-Nawawy), (Bukhari and Muslim and books of sunan).
- Fiqh {study of the Four schools based on student’s choice in addition to comparative Fiqh). Example: matnh abi Shuja’ in Shafi’ fiqh.

At the end of this level, the student is expected to:
- Be prepared for Al-Azhar University, God willing..... Itqan Academy will help with the process.

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