Arabic Courses

Third Level (Intermediate)

Topics covered:
- At the market.
- At school
- At the hospital.
- At the post office.
- At the factory
- At the University
- At the Airport.
- At the hotel.
- At the restaurant.
- On the journey.
- At the museum.
- At the real estate office.
- At the money exchange office.
- In transportation
- At the police station.

This level aims to:
- Developing the student's ability to understand and comprehend what he/she hears of different life phrases: such as conversations and dialogues with family members, at the market place, means of transportation...
- Enable students to read and understand words and sentences, such as store names, advertisements, general instructions, traffic signs and news headlines.
- Provide students with the necessary verbal skills using everyday language with emphasis on oral expressions in daily usage.
- Empowering students to converse and discuss with their colleagues using some language functions such as description and comparison, linking causes effect, etc., using simple sentences and expressions describing daily situations. This includes, but not limited to describing a personal experience, express his/her point of view, write a short message, summarize a written text or an audio message … etc.

Target students:
- Students who studied Arabic vocabulary, know the structure of the Arabic sentence and are able to read and write.

- Reading texts on common various topics, through which the student is able to comprehend the meanings of words as well as sentence structures within different contexts. He/she will be able to recognize any structural change, such as masculine to feminine cases, time and separate vs. connected pronouns. Will also know the meanings of prohibition, exclamation and questioning.
- Students will gradually ascend from forming simple sentences (verb and subject or subject and predicate) to full sentences (verb, subject, object – subject and sentence predicates). Study of individual words will gradually disappear at this level.
- Students will also study basic rules of grammar and morphology within the subjects covered in each lesson exercise.
- Firstly: Syntax (An-Nahw).
- Divide the verb in relation to tense (past - present - order).
- Pronouns with verb derivatives.
- Structure of noun and verb sentence.
- Factors changing subject structure:(Kaana, Inna and similar articles.
- Different types of speech (Commands and questions).
- Other related grammatical phenomena.

This level aims to introduce the student to the basics of the Arabic morphology, which will be used both orally and in writing as well as the (active participle - passive participle).

At the end of this level, the student is expected:
- To acquire the ability to read texts, write sentences and letters, and to conduct simple dialogues.
- To be able to derive different morphological formulas (past tense, noun, noun, name, effect).
- To be able to recognize the sentence type, identify its elements and determine the appropriate structure.

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