Arabic Courses

The fourth Level (advanced)

This level aims to:
- Developing the student’s comprehensive linguistic and literary aptitude through advanced texts in order to help them understand, express, speak and decipher the language in diverse realistic daily situations.
- Build student’s confidence while using what he/she has learned from all previous levels in their daily conversation, reading, writing and communication using all linguistic skills they have acquired.
- Developing the students' ability to comprehend the text and train him to construe main ideas and their order. Also, developing their ability to absorb details of vents that deal with different subjects and to infer the meanings and ideas contained therein.
- To develop students’ ability to observe, balance, devise and accurately differentiate between various meanings and their precise use.
- To develop the student's reading skill and diversify its application through social, cultural, political, scientific and artistic contexts presented in media. Also, to familiarize him/her with the works of contemporary Arab writers and modern Arab thought. The student will be introduced to new vocabulary while observing the morphological phenomena, word derivation and what is known as the word family tree. Students will be also trained to use and utilize Arabic dictionaries.
- Enable the students to speak fluently within different contexts ( social, economical, cultural, sport..etc) and train them to express their own point of view and comment on current issue, books they read, live programs and discussion in a normal and comfortable manner in order to build their confidence.
- Enable the student to master writing skills on different topics and accurately express ideas by placing accurately choosing words, constructing sentences and arranging paragraphs to produce coherent texts, letters, reports and summaries covering different topics and contexts.

Target Students:
- Students who have a good base of Arabic vocabulary, familiar with sentence structure and are able to read and write.

- An objective study of the Book of Qatar El-Nada Wa baluSada.
- Studying the book of Al-Wadih fil Balaghah.

At the end of this level, the student is expected to:
- Learn the basics of analyzing the phonetic, and structural and morphological structures of Arabic language. Also, to be familiar with the difference between lexical and grammatical meaning of words as well their various denotations and connotations.

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