Arabic Courses

Second Level

Topics covered in this level:
- Teaching Qur'an and rules of recitation through oral transmission and simplified explanation. This will be achieved through pronouncing and repetition.
- Memorizing Quran based on a customized plan.
- Option to recite only without memorization.
- Optional explanation of matn Al-Jazariyah.

Course Goals and benefits:
- Students would be able to reach the level of memorizing the Quran and properly reciting it under the supervision of qualified sheikhs and scholars who have the highest chain of narration and years of teaching experience.
- Offering a simplified explanation of some Tajweed rules in a scientific way with reinforcing through practice.
- Prepare and coach the student to memorize Al-Motoon (advanced specialized texts) and offer their explanation in a professional way such as Al-Jazaryah.

Target students:
- Students who have already learned the Arabic alphabet in order to be able to recite Quran properly.

The student is expected at the end of this level:
- Khatm (finishing the memorization of) the Holy Qur'an with the student inshAllah.

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