Arabic Courses

First Level (Preliminary)

Lessons covered:
- How to write and pronounce letters.
- Similar letters: first: similar in shape
- Second: similar in sound.
- Shapes of letters: first: At the beginning of the word, second: in the middle of the word, and third: at the end of the word.
- Consonants and vowels first: Fataha, Damma

Second Level (Beginner)

Lessons covered:
- Demonstrative pronouns.
- Pronouns indicating the difference between masculine and feminine singular.
- Pronouns indicating the difference between the singular and the inanimate plural.
- pronouns indicating the difference between near and far.
- (Where?) to ask about place

Third Level (Intermediate)

Topics covered:
- At the market.
- At school
- At the hospital.
- At the post office.
- At the factory
- At the University
- At the Airport.
- At the hotel.
- At the restaurant.
- On the journey.
- At the museum.
- At the real estate office.
- At the money exchange office.
- In transportation
- At the police

The fourth Level (advanced)

This level aims to:
- Developing the student’s comprehensive linguistic and literary aptitude through advanced texts in order to help them understand, express, speak and decipher the language in diverse realistic daily situations.
- Build student’s confidence while using what he/she has learned from

The fifth Level (Distinguished)

This level aims to:
- Master the linguistic rules and practically use it and use it.
- Training the student to use the Arabic library, old and contemporary as well as introducing some reference material and train him on utilizing them. All in order to enhance his/her writing style.
- Acquainting the


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