About Us

About Us

The word of Allah, the Quran, is His greatest gift to us.

Inspired and empowered its perfection, we have dedicated our lives to the learning and teaching of the Quran, honoring and preserving it. Manifested in our name, Itqan, which means perfection in Arabic, we strive to achieve mastery in the memorization, recitation and understanding of its message. We offer focused ONLINE courses in Quran, Arabic and Islamic Studies.

Our professional teaching staff have all memorized the Quran and achieved ijaaza, with some having the shortest chains tracing back to the Prophet (saw). They have also earned degrees at distinguished Islamic institutions. We firmly believe in the tradition established from the time of the Prophet (saw), who was the best of teachers, and passed down across generations – we commit ourselves to providing our students with a distinctive learning experience that reflects this authentic tradition.

Recognizing that Islam was made for all mankind, Itqan provides classes for students from all regions, of all ages and at all levels, catering to their specific needs. We work one-on-one with the students to customize their learning for the most satisfactory results.


Why Choose Itqan

  • Experienced – Our qualified instructors have years of teaching experience.
  • Convenient – Take courses in the English Language right from your home at a time that works for you.
  • Budget Conscious – Get valuable, life changing education at a reasonable price.
  • Effective – We use time proven methods and the most efficient technology to fulfill your learning goals.

Our instructors have a proven track record for success with numerous students. We realize that learning is an interactive process and we work with you to create a learning environment that is most suited to your needs as a student.


Our Class Rooms

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